Checkpoint #6

Ten posts in 4 months? Ah. We might need to reconsider that time limit again, eh?
I'll have to fall back on the old excuse of busy-ness, though I think a full time masters and a job somewhat cover me. You see, I've been rather brain-fried the past few months.
Hopefully productivity should pick up as my work load lightens over the summer.
Just the Lord of the Rings dissertation to go! Depending how it goes, I might give you all a look when it's done: 15,000 words on city-scapes in LOTR. Fascinating stuff. I figured if I had to spend my summer inside, researching, I want it to be for something really geeky, and not just lit-geeky.

But, back to the blog - my long term goals keep changing, to eventually cycle back to the initial new years resolution aim: learning more about film. If my masters has taught me anything, it's not to kill what you enjoy through suffocating levels of immersion. Thus, I will not retain dreams of becoming a professional film reviewer. Instead, I'll enjoy films on my own level of intelligence, intensity, whatever. It's OK to just have a hobby, and as long as you're all still reading, I'll share it with you.

As ever, hope you enjoy my blog :)