Checkpoint #4:


Time for another reflective pause, in checkpoint form of course. There’s been quite a mix of styles in the last 9 films, as there have been with every section. It keeps me on my toes and interested, though there have been a few films I wasn’t overwhelmed at the prospect of watching. Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite was Back to the Future, because it was a welcome break from a run of films which all took themselves rather seriously (I was a huge fan of Eternal Sunshine though).
            In other news the readership has continued to gradually increase, which really keeps me going with this challenge. Thanks for your interest and all the words of support! The wonderful thing with tackling the list in reverse means that the films will get more and more popular, and hopefully better too. So hopefully you’ll all keep wanting to read and I’ll keep wanting to watch and write!
            So in short, thanks for being fab and, as ever, I hope you enjoy my blog.