Checkpoint #3:

Well I feel that this checkpoint should be something of an apology really! You see, I’ve been in China for the last 5 weeks ( and what you can access on the internet is seriously limited out there. No Facebook, no Twitter, no blog (I emailed posts to the other one). But, in a way I quite liked this as I could take a break from my life and get on with becoming Meina, my Chinese alter-ego. She’s pretty cool.
I took some DVDs out with me but my host’s laptop didn’t play region 2. Rubbish! But I stayed with another family for a couple of weeks and their DVD player was multiregional, so I got a few watched and written up, so I have them ready to post over the next few days. I hope you enjoy them J
But that doesn’t excuse everything though, because my production was rather flagging before I left. For this you will have to accept that I have a busy life. I am sorry though. I’d wince when people asked me how the blog was going; I didn’t realise it’d become such a responsibility, with people waiting on me to post! It’s nice too though; this isn’t a waste of time. I am rather behind though...