Checkpoint #2 [Films 90-81]

[Skip to the bullet points if you have a short attention span.]

            It feels like ages since the last Checkpoint, not because I’m not enjoying the challenge, but because I should be a lot further along by now. Anyone who can do simple maths will realise that I’m slightly behind schedule. But, it’s OK. I'll catch up at some point.
            So, my thoughts at this point between #81 and #80? I’m still loving the challenge. It doesn’t feel like a chore, though it has been hard trying to find time to watch and write every week. I feel like I’m learning a lot too, about both films and writing, which fulfils the primary objectives nicely. There has also been a sub-challenge of actually managing to find copies of all the films without having to buy a fairly substantial amount of DVDs. My relationship with LOVEFiLM remains love/hate.

            Some successes achieved in attaining this Checkpoint:

·                     The blog has hit 3,000 pageviews. Thank you, all my wonderful followers! Remember, you can follow by email if you don’t want to trawl through your Facebook/Twitter feed for the links. Then again, isn’t the hardest to remember is it?
·                     I had an article published on the Guardian website! That was seriously cool, and for the record they approached me. Read it here: They’ve asked me to do something else too, so watch this space.
·                     My posts are now on, which is an online publication, written mainly by students. It’s well worth a ganders (like it on Facebook here: and follow on Twitter here:!/IamSpiltinc).

            Answers to questions posed since Checkpoint #1:

·                     Favourite film: in this section was probably Pan’s Labyrinth. It ticked so many boxes and had the greatest emotional effect on me. There were a lot of good films in this section though.
·                     Least favourite film: was Braveheart. One of the easier to watch, but it really wound me up and I found myself laughing at it too often to be able to respect it.
·                     The lack of pictures/images in general in the blog: as I work in copyright, I was worried about using potentially copyrighted material inc. film posters in my blog. It took me three months to figure out that I could ask someone at work about this. Turns out you can use whatever you like for the purposes of critical analysis (in limited amounts). But, it would be easy to Google for the DVD cover and whack it on a post. Instead, my excellent life-colleague Millie Thakker suggested that she illustrate for me. Overwhelmed with the potential for international stardom she backed down, but inception is powerful, so:

The Great Commission!:

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In all seriousness, if you want to share your interpretation of any of the films I’ve blogged about so far / shotgun one that’s coming up, then email me. I’d love to see more people get involved with the running of this thing and you will get full credit/kudos.

As ever, if you have any questions / comments then there’s space to do so below.
Thanks for reading, you make me happy.