Checkpoint #1 [Films 100 - 91]

I’ve watched my first/ the last 10 films from the IMDb top 100 now, so it seems like a good place to stop, have a breather and generally reflect a little. If it hasn’t come across already, I’m seriously enjoying myself. I’ve watched some incredibly interesting films, 6 of which I’d never seen previously, or really heard of in all honesty. I’ve covered quite a few genres: silent, sci-fi, western, anime and a couple foreign language ones too. I know more about film history and the industry in general than I did a month ago, but I was starting from nothing. And to top it all off, I’ve cracked my fear of letting people read my writing (and from the looks of it, quite a few people have been reading – thanks!). All in all, I’m quite happy with my success so far.

            Now to attend to some points people have raised over the last month:
-       I won’t be rating the films, or rearranging them in my order of preference. I don’t see it as a particularly useful or accurate system for critiquing films. Sorry to disappoint.
-       I’m using the top 100 films from the IMDb’s top rated 250. 250 in one year just isn’t going to happen for me.
-       I’m using the list that I’ve posted on here. I’m aware it keeps changing, which is why I put it on here – so that you can refer to the same one as me. There are obvious logistical issues for working off an ever-shifting list.
-       My favourite film so far is a toss-up between Inglourious Basterds and Oldboy.
-       My least favourite is probably Indiana Jones.
            Now to the second purpose of this checkpoint: please comment below with anything you wish to share. Be critical – this is all practice for me and I value your input. Anything about content, writing style, the design of the blog, etc. is much appreciated.
            Finally, I hope you’re enjoying my blog. I am certainly enjoying writing it.