Challenge Accepted

Those of you who know me well will have discovered my propensity to have schemes for new intellectual/musical/sporting activities to embark upon. I rarely follow them up.
            Those of you who have ever offered to read over my work will recollect the spasm of fear that overtook my face when you made this kind suggestion. I hate people reading my work.
            Deciding to start a blog seems a very unCamilla thing to do then, no? Well, I guess that’s kind of the point. My experience at university left me able to: 1. Stay warm in an unheated house when it’s snowing; and, 2. Write a damn good essay. The problems: I never tried any other form of writing; I’ve come to rely on being told what to write about; and, I would only let a very select group of people read my work. Upon reflection, I feel this may somewhat inhibit my potential success in the cultural industries.
            So, I decided to finally follow up one of those amazing ideas I have when it’s 2am and I can’t sleep: I propose to blog, to write for the “masses”. I’ll get used to the idea of letting people see words I‘ve put in the order I like. I’ll get used to writing in a not overly formal way. It’ll be weird. It’ll feel foreign. I’ll put too much of myself into it and feel all vulnerable. Yet, this seems like a stage every reluctant “writer” (cringe) must go through. I guess I’ve just stepped out a little later than others have.
            But, what to blog about? I have a basic knowledge of many various areas. I have opinions about most things, if pushed. But, I don’t want to bitch aimlessly about everything and anything. So instead I appealed to my countless amazing-2am-ideas and finally settled on one. I’m going to watch the IMDb’s top 100 rated films, in reverse order, and review them all. Perfect. It adds yet another purpose – exploding my ignorance about analysing the medium of film. I do so like to explode my ignorance. Right then, that’s two films a week, and two blog posts, on average. That’s lots of writing practice.
            I promise:
-          To try not to write essays. As much as I like writing them, you won’t want to read them.
-          To try to learn to understand what I’m writing about. Nobody wants to read the ramblings of an ignorant fool.
-          To try my darndest to actually watch and write about all 100 films, in order, including those I’ve watched before, within this calendar year. I’ve already seen 43. That’s 57% failure. I’m setting it right. Now.